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Most Unfairly Overlooked Movies Of The Decade
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Most Unfairly Overlooked Movies Of The Decade
  When people look back on the early years of the new millennium they'll remember it for movies like The Dark Knight and Lord of the Rings. Or they'll geek out with their friends about the cult GUCCI WOMENS GUCCI MENS nfl jerseys women's boots coach bags classics they discovered together, rewatching copies of the original version of Donnie Darko or spreading around copies of Idiocracy and laughing at its accuracy. Or we'll remember the prestige movies, the big Oscar winners like No Country For Old Men and Chicago.
  But in a better world, maybe we'd remember these movies. These are the other guys, the great films you missed through circumstance or stupidity, through studio stumbling or simply bad timing. The best movies don't always get seen, the best movies don't always win the awards. This isn't a list of critically acclaimed indies which didn't do nike basketball shoes Cheap UGG Chi flat iron Chi iron cash drawer well at the box office, or films with huge fan followings which couldn't get anyone else to turn out (sorry Serenity). Nor is this a list of movies which flopped at the box office but later found cult success. These movies fell between the cracks and never really found the audience they deserved. When you're thinking back on the aughts, you won’t think of these films, but maybe you should. Consider giving these movies a second chance. Unique and strange, funny and weird, challenging and sexy; they're the most unfairly overlooked movies of the past decade.
  Black Snake Moan (2007)Samuel L. Jackson will be forever remembered for Pulp Fiction but he gives the best performance of his career as Lazarus, an aging, god-fearing blues man in Black Snake Moan.dog collar dog bed Rock drill nfl jerseys nhl jerseys When he finds a half-naked, whored-up party girl (Christina Ricci) lying in his driveway, he carries the beaten up, high, and unconscious hottie into his house, nurses her back to physical health, and soon decides the writhing, sexed-up, drugged out girl's mental health is his responsibility as well.
  His southern hospitality goes a little too far when he chains the girl to his radiator to keep her out of troublebut despite the chains Black Snake Moan is a movie about healing and redemption. Writer/director Craig Brewer's film is smart and savvy but the movie's also a big bomb of sensuality and southern grit. Soulful, down and dirty blues Fashion jewelry nfl jerseys wholesale dunk high ed hardy bags louis vuitton bags grinds its way through the movie as the soundtrack of Lazarus's life. It's sweet sound that stitches this underappreciated, brazen film together. Why didn't anyone see it? I can't explain it as anything other than uptight Americans skipping it based on the posters which featured Ricci scantily clad and in chains. Ironically, it's a deeply spiritual film, one with a lot of good things to say about the religious fervor which likely kept audiences away in the first place.
  Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005)Shane Black's wicked script and the spot on timing of Robert Downey Jr., and most especially Val Kilmer as the hilariously named detective Gay Perry, made Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang the hangzhou massage solar water heater supplier Wholesale bags Supra shoes shox shoes most badass piece of film noir since Fred MacMurray dropped dead in Double Indemnity. But this was before Robert Downey's big return to the limelight, back when he was still in recovery mode and everyone still seemed to be boycotting him.
  So this murder mystery went unwatched and what should have been Robert Downey's coming out party ended up on dusty, video store shelves where it was eventually shoved out of the way to make room for more electric winch nfl jerseys air jordans air max grape seed extract copies of Iron Man. But it's better than Iron Man and ten times more fun. The chemistry between Kilmer and Downey is spot on, they're a classic on screen duo the kind which deserves a whole series of movies. Now the continuing adventures of Harry Lockhart and Gay Perry will never happen and all I can do is plead with you to hop on to Netflix and give Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang a chance.
  Zack and Miri Make A Porno (2008)It was supposed to be filmmaker Kevin Smith's breakout hit but whether because of bad timing or bad titling Zack and Miri barely managed to tread water, bringing in the same, limited crowd Swimming Pool Heat Pump Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater replica handbag replica shoes mlb jerseys which show up for all of his films. But this was the Kevin Smith that deserved to be seen by the masses, a raunch-comedy of Apatow proportions which kills with out of control laughs and adult sincerity. It features stellar performances from Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks
  who, come together in one awkwardly perfect moment to create what is almost without question one of the greatest, most strangely moving fully-clothed sex scenes ever captured on screen. It's nfl jerseys lost wax casting north face jackets air jordan shoes boat model also sweet, really sweet and romantic in a way the title probably doesn't suggest. Most of all though it's funny, really funny, in a way we'll probably never see from Smith again. The movie's failure has prompted the indie director to abandon his more personal filmmaking style in favor of taking on big studio projects. The next time you see his name on screen, it'll be in the closing credits of a buddy cop movie.
  Frailty (2001)Bill Paxton is at his absolute freakiest in this little seen horror movie about fundamentalism gone awry. At first he's father to a happy little family. Father and two sons, they live in leather belt ladies belt leather handbag ladies handbag birkenstock shoes small-town Texas minding their own business, until of course Dad gets a message from God. God says there are demons in the world and it's up to Pop and his sons to destroy them. One catch, the demons look like normal, every day humans. Older brother Fenton is skeptical but his young brother Tommy has a case of hero worship, and does whatever Dad says.
  As the kids are perverted and twisted into serial killers and as the body count rises, the movie becomes a spine-tingling thriller of the highest order; a slow, creepy build with a mind-blowing twist ending that would have left you shattered if, of course, you'd seen it. Paxton is brilliant and sympathetic… even while scaring the hell out of you. birkenstock sandals dunk sb mlb apparel nike air max shoes mlb jerseys Most of all it's the subtle little touches that make it so goddamn disturbing. There's a moment when Dad threatens a supposed demon with an axe and in the background, if you listen closely you'll hear Tommy whisper, "kill him" off camera and in the background. It's a small touch, but one that sticks with you in the dark ride on the way home. Is that Tommy whispering for your death in the seat behind you? Maybe you're a demon. Maybe you deserve death.

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